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Handmade Bead Bracelets ...

Our beautiful hand-made bracelets are made with high quality Japanese Miyuki beads. Those are the highest quality glass seed beads All of our bracelets are designed by our designer . We look forward seeing our bracelets on your hands...

Sunglasses Chains

Sunglasses Accessories Sunglasses chain,personalized design , handmade , personalized chain , personalized accessories , eye wear accessories

Handmade Necklaces

This handmade stars pendant is produced from brass

Handmade Colorful Bags

Handmade bags Everything is Handmade There are color options Hand woven with penile rope Fashion, handmade, clutch, bag , stylish, trend , summer, daily, crochet

Handmade Fabric Belts

These belts are knitted with different beads. Everything is handmade.

Handmade Sets

This handmade set is produced from semi precious stones. It is combined of a necklace and a bracelet

Handmade Towels

Handmade Colored Flowered Towel This handmade towel - beach towel is produced by using colorfull tassels and colorfull beads

On Your Demand

you can supply designs ,

we can manufacture


  • Premium quality with reasonable prices


  • Wide product range


  • Delivery support


  • Private label service


  • Worldwide product sourcing ability


  • 100% Quality guarantee


REY International which is your address of trade, with the experience of 20 years became a wanted company in a short time in jewelry export in İzmir, Turkey.


In 2016, the company decided to start a jewelry export business besides its exports in various sectors. Nowadays, the company tries to enlarge its sales area to all parts of World.


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